Margaret Busk, owner of Chicago wedding photography boutique Garbo Productions.

Margaret Busk began her professional photographic career at 18, photographing weddings for a local Chicago studio. She went on to become a commercial photography art buyer. At 26 she left Chicago and spent the next two years exploring the world, visiting 37 countries at every corner of the globe. It was during this time she honed her eye and developed a deep respect and passion for capturing the essence of people existing in real, honest moments. She returned to Chicago and opened Garbo Productions, seeing an opportunity to redefine wedding photography though black and white, candid imagery; capturing the joy and energy of the celebration, not just the posed color backdrop portraits as was the style at the time. In an industry that was dominated by men and defined by formal portraiture, it was a slow start to convince people that wedding photographers could also be artists. Two years later she was booked to capacity. 

Margaret Busk is credited as one of the pioneers of fine art wedding photography. A favorite among celebrities and prominent figures, she has been entrusted by numerous public personalities to capture their most sacred life events. Her work and contagious spirit is both revered and praised by the photographic community and wedding industry. Margaret lives and works in Chicago.



 Photographer Margaret Busk